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Kettleby Co-operative Pre-School: For children from 2 to 4 years

Serving Aurora, Kettleby, King City, Laskay, Newmarket, Nobleton, Pottageville, Schomberg, and South Bradford

"Research shows that parent involvement is a major factor in a child's success"

The Kettleby Co-operative Pre-School offers parents the opportunity to be an integral part of their children's first learning experience.

Kettleby provides a positive learning experience for your child that will enhance his or her physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Through play experiences and the guidance of the teacher, your child will be exposed to situations that will stimulate:

  •     Social and problem-solving skills
  •     Curiosity and increased independence
  •     Self-esteem and self-control
  •     Communication skills and decision-making abilities
  •     Fine and gross motor skills

Kettleby is an organization of parents and teachers who are committed to the healthy development of pre-school children.  It provides a safe environment opportunity for children and their parents to play, learn, and grow together.


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